New Rikshaw – Thank you!

Everyone at Food For All is elated about the new Rickshaw and it must be said that it could not have come at a better time as the last one is now on it’s way to Rickshaw heaven: A few months back, we asked people if they would be willing to help us buy a new one, well here it finally is thanks to you. We had asked originally for an electric Rickshaw but it would have taken a very long time to raise the amount that an electric one costs so we went with the one we now have and are equally as happy. Prema our wonderful driver specifically asked me to thank every one of the donors for this.

It just arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful, clean and comes with it’s own cover which means we can pile on more items that are given to us from Tesco’s and Costco’s. To all of you that have donated PLEASE view this and realize that your generosity has helped us in our quest to remain feeding those in need. 1 million thank you’s to you all, it has strengthened the food run immensely and we feel very blessed and extremely grateful to you for assisting us.
THANK YOU from all at Food For All