About us

What is Food For All?

One of our food vans distributing food
FFA is unique, as unlike other food distribution services, FFA is based on the philosophy of community self-help and is geared towards enabling homeless people to learn new skills. FFA is committed to tackling homelessness and social exclusion by helping people to make informed choices and find solutions to their problems.
Helping people learn musical instruments
FFA aims to promote and develop self-help initiatives with people who are homeless or socially excluded by helping to install self-confidence and responsibility in the service users by engaging them in operation procedures and encouraging voluntary activity.
Food served to guests at our free Spiritual programme every Friday
This year, FFA has become more self-sufficient as more supermarkets have got involved by donating fruit and vegetables which are used in the preparation of the meals.

FFA is pleased by this result as one of its aims was to reduce its expenditure and increase recycling initiatives.

What is the problem our project is addressing?

In London, Homelessness has increased in Camden by 20%. We are feeding 1,000 people daily from 5 locations in Central London alone. Due to the recession, the council has cut the funding to most of the day centres, which includes ours in Kings Cross. Services were already grim before the cuts and now the council are unable to offer adequate help to the marginalised community.

How will this project solve the problem ?
We are requesting those persons who have funding available to support our charity and help maintain our project. Within the last 24 strong years, Food For All has achieved great results, national awards, lots of recognition and it still offers a basic life line to the ever increasing disadvantaged people in the community. Due to the drastic cuts the project has become increasingly difficult to maintain, and we are in dire need of financial support from those who want to make a difference.

Our 4 requests
No. 1 A healthy meal – 1000 meals daily £10,000
No. 2 Drug councillors, support workers’ salaries £22,000
No. 3 Reopen the day centre with all its services £35,000
No. 4 Open a much-needed Food Bank £28,000
Total £95,000

There is an urgent need to tackle the problem, at least to give the people the bare necessities, which is a decent meal.

MP Glenda Jackson opens the Centre many local leaders attended including Monica Morris of the Camden Council’s Youth Offending Team
20 computers set up to help local disadvantaged people
Project of the year 2008
In the past Abbey / Santander donated £14,000 to the project.